Welcome to the Singapore Sign Language Bank!

This online bank aims to:

  • Build a foundation for corpus development of SgSL and its codification through a SgSL dictionary.

  • Increase the awareness of both the Deaf Community as well as Singapore Sign Language to the public.

  • Act as a resource for language documentation and linguistic research

Current research is looking towards the building of the corpus for this dictionary.

Videos of 100 basic, cross-cultural words from the modified Swadesh list for Sign Language are filmed and annotated with the five parameters of sign language – Handshape, (palm) Orientation, Location, Movement and Non-Manual Signals (NMS).

Moving forward, more signs and their variations will be collected and added to the database. The next portion of data collection will come from an additional 200 words from the ECHO Project Swadesh list, which includes words that are relevant to Deaf Culture.

Members of the Deaf community in Singapore – Deaf people, sign language interpreters, parents of Deaf children, children of Deaf adults and those learning SgSL are encouraged to give feedback on the website to help us continuously improve it.