(* denotes hearing)

Nanyang Technological University, Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies

1. Assoc Prof Ng Bee Chin * – Mentor
2. Clara Chee Wenxin * – Research intern
3. Muhammad Azzam Bin Akbar * – Research intern


Singapore Association for the Deaf

Linguistics Sub-Committee

1. Dennis Tan, Chairman
2. Siti Rohanna Binte Omar *, Staff Secretariat
3. James Ong, Staff, Executive



1. Moses Chan, Deaf Access Officer
2. Vanessa Neo, Deaf Access Officer


IT support

1. Neo Hock Sik, IT & Facilities Manager
2. Yeo Wei Yong *, Note-taker

We would also like to thank everyone who has provided support and given advice on this website in any way.